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Jonah and the Big Fish Craft

A long time ago Ninevah was a city that was a very evil place. One day God came to Jonah and said I want you to go to Ninevah. God said he wanted Jonah to tell the people of Ninevah that he knew what terrible things they were doing and that if they changed God would forgive them. Jonah was scared and told God that he did not want to go. Then Jonah ran to the docks of Joppa and jumped on a boat and started to sail across the sea.Jonah thought he could hide from God. So God created a huge storm. The sailors aboard the ship were terrified and asked Jonah to pray to God to save them from droning.  Jonah told the men, “God has sent this storm, throw me in to the water and the storm will go away.” So the men threw him overboard and sure enough the sea calmed. Meanwhile Jonah was sinking to the bottom of the ocean when he saw a big fish coming. The fish swallowed Jonah. For 3 days Jonah sat in the belly of the fish. So Jonah prayed to God and told him he was sorry. Just then the fish spit Jonah onto dry land! Once Jonah was saved God once again told him to go to Ninevah. This time Jonah went!

Supplies Needed:
Paper Lunch Bag
Crayons or Markers
Twist Tie or String
Old Newspaper (or items to stuff in fish)

#1: Stuff the bottom part of the bag with newspaper. Filling about half way
#2: Use the twist tie to tie shut the bottom part of the bag
#3: Fan out the top part of the bag. This is the fish’s tail
#4:Color your fish. Add eyes and a mouth

God loves us and forgives us too just as he forgave Jonah 



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