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Kids Birthday Game Shoot Out

Supplies Needed:
Box (medium to large)
2- Paper Towel Roll
Rubber Bands
Markers or Crayons

#1: Take a Medium to Large Box and decorate it to look like a Birthday Cake
#2: Take the 2 paper towel rolls and cut them in 1” pieces.
#3: Decorate the paper towel rolls to look like candles
#4: Place the paper towel candles on top of the flat portion of the box you decorated to look like a cake
#5: A couple feet back from the box and candles make a line with the tape for the children to stand behind.
#6: Have the children sit, stand or lay down and using the rubber bands shoot them at the candles on top of the birthday cake box you created. First child to knock over all the candles in the fastest time wins.
**If you don’t want to shoot them off with rubber bands try nerf guns or water guns.

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