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Kids Candy Man Craft

Supplies Needed:
Red Plastic Cup
White Paper
Styrofoam Ball
Googly Eyes
Markers or Paint

#1: Take a piece of white paper and cut 5- 1” pieces of paper
#2: Glue 3 of the 1” pieces of paper you cut to the cup leaving a gap in between. The cup should look like a candy cane design.
#3: Paint a candy man face on the Styrofoam ball. You can use googly eyes and markers to make a cute little face. Set aside to dry
#4: Take 2 of the 1” pieces of white paper and fold them back and forth in an accordion fashion
#5: Glue one piece of accordion style paper to each side of the cup. These will be the candy man’s arms
#6: Glue the Styrofoam ball to the top of the cup and set aside to dry.


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