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Kids Cork Reindeer Craft

Supplies Needed:
2- Corks
Brown Pipe Cleaners
Small Red Pompom

#1: Take one of the corks and place 4 Tooth picks into the bottom of the cork. These will be your reindeers four legs
#2: Place 1 toothpick into the top of the cork (the cork you added reindeer legs to)
#3: Place the 2nd cork on top of the toothpick. This will be the reindeers head.
#4: Use your brown pipe cleaners to create antlers and push them through the top of the 2nd cork
#5: Add eyes and a mouth to the 2nd cork so the reindeer now has a face
#6: On the end of the 2nd cork place a red pom pom for the reindeers nose.

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