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Kids Homemade Hat Project

Supplies Needed:

2 sheets of Black Construction Paper

Brown Construction Paper



Printable Hat Template: Hat Template.pdf (88.03 kb)


#1: Print out the hat template. Cut out the hat template

#2: Fold the black construction paper in half.

#3: Place the template on the back half of the construction paper and trace

#4: Cut out and unfold the construction paper. Repeat this on the second piece of black construction paper

#5: Glue the two pieces of cut out, unfolded construction paper together. Make sure you do not glue the bottom portion of the hat together.

#6: Cut out a brown strip of paper about 2" wide

#7: Place this strip around the center of the black hat. Or decorate your hat with your own design.


What does your hat look like? Send us pictures of your hat design.


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