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Kidz Dump Truck

Supplies Needed: 

Egg Carton




Acrylic Paint or Permanent Markers


#1: Wash and dry the egg carton if styrofoam

#2: Separate the top of the egg carton from the bottom.

#3: Cut the top egg carton 1/3 of the way (this will be the bed of the dump truck)

#4: Cut the first two cups in a strip from the bottom

#5: From the other side of the carton cut the first 6 cup strip

#6: Cut the bottom of the two middle cups in the 6 cup strip

#7: Turn the 6 cup strip over so the four remaining cups are touching the surface (looks like 4 wheels)

#8: Glue the 2 cup strip to the front of the 6 cup strip

#9: You can glue the base of the dump truck (top portion of the egg carton) to the 6 cup strip or just leave it in place so the kids can move it around

#10: Cut the straw in half and glue it to your truck like a smoke stack

#11: Paint your dump truck using acrylic paint



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