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Labor Day Puppets

Supplies Needed:
Brown Paper Bags
Googly Eyes
Markers or Crayons
Pink Pom Pom

#1: Pick a job that you would like to make your  Labor Day Puppet look like. Such as a police officer, veterinarian, computer repair man, construction worker, etc.
#2:Open the flap portion of the lunch bag and draw a mouth. This will be the mouth of your Labor Day Puppet and should be placed under the flap. Allow to dry before continuing.
#2: Glue the two googly eyes on the middle top of the flap portion of the brown lunch bag
#3: Glue the pink pom pom below the eyes on the flap portion of the brown lunch bag. This will be your Labor Day Puppets nose.
#4: Draw an outfit for your Labor Day Puppet on the lower portion of the bag
#5: Your Labor Day Puppet is ready to perform in their first puppet show!


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