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Memorial Day Star Mobile

Supplies Needed:
Printable Stars:
Stars.pdf (52.52 kb)

Construction Paper
Hole Punch
Yarn or string (fishing line works great for this project)

#1: Print out the printable stars
#2: Use scissors to cut out printable stars. These will be your templates.
#3: Trace the printable stars on a sheet of construction paper. Make your stars patriotic by tracing them on blue, white and red construction paper.
#4:Use scissors to cut out the stars you traced on the construction paper
#5: Use your hole punch to place a hole in the center of the stars
#6: Decorate your stars with markers or crayons. Make your own glitter this is a fun way to make your stars shine!
#7: Make a loop in the top of your string or yarn. This will be where you hang your mobile from.
#8: Thread your yarn or string through center of the biggest star and place a small knot below the star.
#9:Contine doing step #8 until all your stars on the string.
#10: Hang your mobile for everyone to see!

Show how you decorated your USA star mobile by sending us a picture or a comment on Kids Craft Zone!


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