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Milk Jug Bird Feeders

Supplies Needed:

Plastic Jug (milk jug) with lid

Utility Knife



Outdoor Decorations (such as sticks & leaves)

Bird Feed


#1: Rinse out plastic jug

#2: Send your child outside to collect outdoor decorations for the bird feeder. Such as sticks and leaves.

#3: Cut out three evenly spaced holes about two inches from the bottom using the utility knife

#4: Around the openings that were created place sticks for the birds to be able to perch on

#5: Continue to decorate the feeder with other items found outside

#6: Punch a hole in the lid and thread the string through in a loop form. Be sure the knot ends under the lid and place the lid back on

#7: Fill the feeder with bird see and hang it from a tree


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