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Mitten Keepsake Kids Craft

Supplies Needed:
Construction Paper
Paint Brush

#1: Print out the Mitten Template
#2: Cut out the Mitten template
#3: Trace the mitten template on a piece of paper. Do two mittens
#4: Cut out both mittens you traced.
#5: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic
#6: Use a paint brush to paint both of your child’s hands. Make sure to get paint on each finger
#7: Place each of your child’s hands on the mittens you cut out. Make sure to push down on each finger so the paint transfers
#8: Set your mittens aside and allow to dry
#9: Draw a large heart on the construction paper. Both mittens will have to fit inside the heart.
#10: Cut out the large heart you made on the construction paper
#11: Glue the handprint mittens to the inside of the heart.
#12: Under the mittens write “Cold Hands, Warm Heart”


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