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Noah's Ark Project

God created the world and all that was in it. He believed that he had done a good job. All this changed when Adam and Eve sinned. God forgave them at first but then the world become more wicked and God decided he was sorry he ever created man. So he decided he was going to destroy earth and everything in it. There was one man God trusted and loved, Noah. So God told Noah of his plan to destroy the earth. God gave Noah instructions to build a boat and place two of every kind of animal on the boat. God said they would have to live upon this boat for 40 days. Just as God had promised Noah, on the 40th day the rain stopped.

Supplies Needed:

Foam Tray (from fruits or vegetables)

Popsicle Sticks


Permanent Markers

#1: Wash and dry your foam tray

#2: Along the rim of the tray place popsicle sticks. One on top of the other until each side of the tray is about 2 inches tall

#3: Decorate your boat with markers

#4: You’re ready to sail your boat. Place the boat in the sink, bathtub or pool!


Was your boat sea worthy? Send us a picture or leave us a comment on how your ark turned out.


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