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Paper Plate Masks

Supplies Needed:
Paper Plates
Hole Punch
2 Pieces of Ribbon (long enough to go around your head
Decorative Items-such as glitter, New Year’s Date, pom poms, etc.
Markers or Crayons

#1: Draw 2 eye shapes on the plate
#2: Cut out the two eyes. These will help you see when you have your mask on
#3: Take the hole punch and make a hole on two sides of the plate across from each other
#4: Take the a piece of ribbon and tie it through the hole. Do the same thing to the other hole in the plate
#5: Decorate your mask with fun items and lots of
glitter. Try cutting out paper eyelashes and placing them above the eyes you cut out.  Use the eyes as zeros in New Year’s Date.

How did you decorate your mask? Send us a picture or leave us a comment! Please share!


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