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God's Indoor Garden

After breathing life into Adam,  God planted a garden for him to live in. God planted things like apple trees, pear trees, and mango trees along with other delicious things to eat! Try creating your own garden!

Supplies Needed:

Plastic Containers (yogurt container, sour cream container) (with lids)

Seeds-beans, watermelon, avocado see, orange, lemons


Markers or Crayons


Glue or tape

#1: Poke holes in the bottom of the container for drainage

#2: Use some paper to wrap around the container and glue or tape it.

#3: Decorate the paper using crayons or markers

#4: Fill the container with soil.

#5: Place about 5 seeds in each container. When they begin to grow you can take all but one out.

#6: Place container in a sunny location. Place the lid under the container this will catch the extra water when you water it.


What did you plant in your garden? Send us a comment letting us know what you grew


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