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Preschool Apple Tree Craft

Supplies Needed:
Brown Paint
Red Paint
Paper Plate
Construction Paper
Paint Brush

#1: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic
#2: Pour some brown paint on the paper plate
#3: Use the paint brush to paint the child’s arm (up to their elbow) and their fingers brown. This will be the apple trees trunk and branches
#4: Press the child’s arm and fingers down on the construction paper. Make sure to press firmly so all the paint transfers.
#5: Set the paper and allow to dry
#6: Have an adult cut an apple in half
#7: Pour some red paint on a paper plate
#8: Dip the apple slice into the red paint
#9: Place the apple slice on the construction paper. Place the apple in areas where the child’s fingers were to create apples on the apple tree.

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