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Preschool Stop Light Craft

Supplies Needed:
3 empty tissue boxes
Construction Paper: Grey, Green, Red, Yellow
Markers or Crayons
Circle Template
: Circle Template.png (17.94 kb)

#1: Print out the circle template
#2: Trace the circle template on the red, green and yellow construction paper
#3: Have an adult cut out the circle templates you traced.
#4: On each of the colors write what color it is. Example: Red Circle Write “Red” could also write “Stop”. Do this for all the color circles you cut out.
#5: Cover the entire tissue box with the grey construction paper. Hint: Wrap it like a present. Do this for all 3 boxes
#6: Glue the circles on the front of each tissue box.
#7: Stack the three tissue boxes in the following order Red, Yellow, Green to create a stop light


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