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Printable Tooth Fairy Pillow

Supplies Needed:
Printable Tooth Fairy Pattern:Tooth Fairy Pillow.pdf (15.82 kb)

Hole Punch
Yarn or Thread
Googly Eyes
Permanent Marker

#1: Print out the printable tooth fairy pattern
#2: Cut out the printable tooth fairy pattern. This will be your template
#3: Lay your tooth fairy pattern on top of the felt and trace around the pattern. You will need to do this twice to create both sides of the pillow.
#4: Use the hole punch to make a few holes around the perimeter of the Tooth Fairy Pillow. Make sure to make holes in the exact same spots on both pieces of felt.
#5: Thread your yarn through both pieces of felt.  You can leave a little string at the top and end of the tooth to create a place to hang your tooth fairy pillow or knot each end.
#6: Glue your googly eyes in the top center of the tooth fairy pillow.



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