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Pumpkin Faces

Supplies Needed


Pumpkin Face Pattern

Carving Knife





#1: Print out your favorite pumpkin face

Joyful Pumpkin Face

Sleepy Pumpkin Face

Cat Pumpkin Face

Suprised Pumpkin Face

Cheerful Pumpkin Face

Goofy Pumpkin Face

Happy Pumpkin


#2: Cut out the shaded areas of your pumpkin face

#3: Cut a hole around the stem of the pumpkin with adults help

#4: Remove all the seeds from the pumpkin

#5: Place the pumpkin face pattern onto the pumpkin using tape

#6: Use the marker to trace the portion of the pumpkin face that you removed

#7: Have an adult help you cut out the pattern using a carving knife.


Did you find the pumpkin face you were looking for? If not try, scary pumpkin patterns or pumpkin carving patterns.


Send us a picture of your scary pumpkin or us to post on Kids Craft Zone!  Or leave us a comment about your favorite Halloween pumpkin face!


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