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Sports Ice Cream Stick Photo Frame

Supplies Needed:

10 Ice Cream Sticks


Marker or Crayons

Sports Decorations

Thick String or Wire


#1: Lay 4 Ice Cream Sticks Horizontally (laying left to right) with about ½’ gap between the sticks

#2: On top of those 4 ice cream sticks lay two sticks vertically (or up and down) on the two ends of the 4 sticks. Glue them in place

#3: Now tie the thick string or wire to the top stick (of the 4 sticks)

#4: For the front side of the picture frame, create a square pattern with 4 sticks and glue them together.

#5: Glue the back piece and the front piece together.

#6: Use crayons or makers to decorate your picture frame

#7: Slide your sports picture into the frame and hang it in your house!


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