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Table Top Soccer Game

Supplies Needed:

Shoe Box or Berry Basket


Large Piece of Cardboard

Twist Ties


Markers or Crayons

Aluminum Foil


#1: Cut the Shoe Box in Half. Each half will be a goal.

#2: Attach the goal to the cardboard by making a hole in each end of the shoe box. And two holes in the cardboard where the goals will be sitting. Repeat this for both sides.

#3: Place the twist tie through the holes of the shoe box and then through the holes in the cardboard and twist the ends together underneath the cardboard. Repeat this for both sides.

#4: Use crayons or markers to decorate your cardboard like a soccer field.

#5: Make your own score card out of paper and crayons

#6: Roll some Aluminum Foil up like a soccer ball

#7: You are now ready to start playing! You can use your hand like a soccer player and your middle and index fingers for kicking the ball.

(Make sure you set a point limit from the start so that you will know who wins)


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