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Treasure Hunting

Supplies Needed:



Pen, Markers or Crayons

Coins (optional)

Puzzle (optional)


You can do a variety of treasure hunting games:

1: Use paper to cut out letters that spell the location of the treasure

2: Get a roll of 25 pennies or other coins. Hide the change around the house. While you are hiding the coins have the kids draw a treasure map of the house. As the kids find the coins they must place a coin mark on their treasure map.

3: Write up a list of common items and have the kids find the items.

4: Make each clue a riddle with the answer being the location of the next clue.

5: Clues could be a sentence with missing words that point them towards the next clue.

6: Have the children put together a puzzle. Then ask them to leave the room, flip over the puzzle and write the location of the treasure on the back of the puzzle. Then hide puzzle pieces around the house and have the kids find the pieces and put together the puzzle. They will needs all the pieces to find out where the treasure is located


Which treasure hunt did you do? What was your prize? Leave us a comment and let us know


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