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Wind Sock Project

Supplies Needed:

2-Liter Bottle

Hold Punch

Fishing Line or String

Ribbon or Yarn




#1: Wash and dry your 2 liter bottle

#2: Cut the top off the 2 liter bottle

#3: Punch 4 holes evenly spaced in the top of the bottle

#4: Thread string through each hole and knot.

#5: Bring all 4 strings together and knot them together

#6: Punch holes evenly along the bottom of the bottle. Tie ribbon or yarn in each hole.

#7: Protect your environment by working on newspaper, plastic sheets, wax paper

#8: Paint the bottle with a creative design.

#9: Hang up your wind sock and enjoy


Where did you hang your windsock? Did you have fun with this craft? Send us a comment and let us know

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