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Write your Own Story

Supplies Needed:


Pen or Pencil


Markers or Crayons

Printable Book Title Page: Book Title.pdf (15.40 kb)

Printable Lined Pages: Lined Pages.pdf (26.06 kb)


#1: Print out the Title Page and the lined pages (print as many as you need to complete your story).

#2: Place the title page on top of lined pages. Place a row of staples on the left hand side of all the sheets of paper, to create a book.

#3: Write your name, title of your book and draw a picture on the printable Title Page.

#4: Create a drawing for each page of your story book.

Story Ideas:

What I want to be when I grow up, My Summer Vacation, My Pets, My friends, My Big Adventure, Life on a Farm, Trip to the Zoo, My Family, My Favorite Things



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