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St. Patrick's Day Edible Apple

   Get your child excited about eating healthy with a little Leprechaun Dust on their apple. Your child will be amazed when their apple turns green right before their eyes

Supplies Needed:
Apple Slices
Lime Jell-O
Empty Jar with holes in the top
Construction paper

#1: On the construction paper write, “Leprechaun Dust”
#2: Attach the construction paper with the words “Leprechaun Dust” to the empty jar
#3: Fill the jar with Lime Jell-O
#4: Slice some apples (make sure the apples stay damp so the powder will absorb)
#5: Tell your child to sprinkle some “Leprechaun Dust” onto the apple slice
#6: Magically before your child’s eyes the apple slice will turn green!

Edible Valentines Day Gifts

   Get your kids involved in making a fun, edible valentine's day gift. They are the perfect treat for giving to friends and family

Supplies Needed:
Graham Cracker or Sugar Cookie
Food Coloring
Candy-Valentine’s Day Hearts with Messages, Cinnamon Hearts, Chocolate Hearts

#1: Create different red and pink colored icing using food coloring
#2: Spread the icing over a graham cracker or sugar cookie
#3: Decorate your graham cracker or sugar cookie with fun candy!

Toddler Food Coloring Craft

   The Toddler Food Coloring Craft is a great way to teach your child about colors while letting them explore the fun of oil and water.

Supplies Needed:
Clear Plastic container with lockable lid
Food Coloring

#1: Have your child pick out their favorite food color
#2: Pour oil into the container. Filling it half way
#3: Place a few drops of your child’s favorite food color into the oil
#4: Next fill the rest of the container with water
#5: Tighten the lid on the container then give to your child to enjoy

Toddler Noodle Necklace Craft

   Toddler Noodle Necklace Craft is a kids food craft that will teach and enhance your child's fine motor skills.

Supplies Needed
Noodles- with holes
#1: Have an adult cut ribbon the shape of the child’s neck size.
#2: Have the child string noodles on the ribbon
#3: When the child is done stringing noodles tie the two ends together so the child can wear their masterpiece as a necklace

Kids Edible Fruit Pita Pocket Craft

   Kids Edible Fruit Pita Pocket Craft is a yummy edible craft for families to make together.

Supplies Needed:
Pita Pocket
Ricotta Cheese
Apple Slices

#1: Have an adult wash and cut up apple
#2: Pour all the ingredients in a bowl for your child to easily access
#3: Take the pita pocket and open it up. Use a spoon to spread ricotta cheese on the inside of the pita pocket
#4: Place the apple slices inside the pita pocket.
#5: Sprinkle with cinnamon for a delicious and healthy treat.