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Groundhog Shadow Drawings

   Have your child create their own shadow this Groundhogs Day. This will teach them how shadows are made as well as create a fun activity for them to take part in

Supplies Needed:
Lamp or Flashlight
White Construction Paper
Black Construction Paper
Dark Room

#1: Make sure you are in a dark room. Tape a piece of white construction paper on the wall behind where your child would stand.
#2:  Have your child stand sideways (so you see their profile) in front of the lamp or flashlight until their reflection shows on the wall behind them. You may need to have them move so the image of their face  is small enough to fit on the white piece of construction paper
#3: Have your child stand still while you trace their face on the white sheet of construction paper
#4: Turn the lights back on and take the white sheet of paper off the wall and glue it to the back of the black sheet of construction paper
#5: Using scissors cut your shadow out following the lines you traced on the white sheet of construction paper

Groundhogs Day Wreath

   Create a beautiful and easy to make groundhogs day wreath using a paper plate and printable groundhogs. Your whole family will enjoy this fun kids craft

Supplies Needed:
Printable Groundhog:Printable Groundhog.pdf (16.98 kb)

Paper Plate
Hole Punch
String or Yarn
Markers or Crayons

#1: Take a paper plate and cut the inside circle out of the paper plate leaving behind just the rim of the paper plate.
#2:  Print out the printable groundhog. Print as many groundhogs as you would like to fit around the rim of your plate
#3: Color the printable groundhogs and allow to dry.
#4: Cut out the colored printable groundhogs
#5: Glue the printable groundhogs around the rim of the plate
#6: Decorate the rim of the plate.
#7: Place a hole using the hole punch in the top of the groundhog day wreath
#8: Use the string to thread through the hole you punched and tie a knot. This is where you will hang your wreath from.


All of us at Kids Craft Zone would love to see how you created your groundhogs day wreath. Send us a picture or leave us a comment and we will post it on the site.



Free Groundhogs Day Coloring Pages

   Your kids will have fun coloring their free groundhogs day coloring pages. Printable coloring pages will keep your kids busy for hours

Supplies Needed:
Printable Groundhogs Day Coloring Page
Crayons or Markers

#1: Print out your favorite free Groundhogs Day Coloring Book Pages

Happy Groundhog Day.pdf (50.92 kb)

Groundhog Day Coloring Page.pdf (41.82 kb)

Groundhog.pdf (48.27 kb)

#2: Color your Groundhogs Day Coloring Book Page

Groundhog Day Lesson Sheet

   Do you think you know the history of Groundhogs Day or know about groundhogs? Take the challenge and see if you have what it takes to be a Groundhog Champion

Supplies Needed:
Pencil or Pen
Printable Groundhog Day Lesson: Groundhog Day Lesson.docx (11.21 kb) 

1:Print out the printable groundhog day history lesson
#2: Answer as many questions as you can
#3: Look at the answers to the groundhog day lesson to see how many you got right:

Answer Sheet to Groundhog Day Lesson.docx (11.09 kb)

 If you got:
 1-3 correct answers: You are a Hibernating Groundhog
 4-6 correct answers: You are on your way to becoming Punxsutawney Phil
 7-10 correct answers: You are a true Groundhog Champion


Groundhogs Day Mask

   Show your groundhog day spirit with a fun groundhogs day mask activity. Make a groundhogs day mask using items you have around your house

Supplies Needed:
Paper Plate
Large Brown Pom Poms-2
Small Pink Pom Pom-1
String or Yarn
Hole Punch
Crayons Or Markers

#1: Color the paper plate brown using markers or crayons
#2: Draw two round circles on the top center of the paper plate , these will be the eyes of the groundhogs day mask.
#3:Cut out the circles so you now can see through the plate
#4: Draw a mouth on the lower half of the paper plate under the eyes.
#5: Cut out the mouth.
#6: Glue a pink pom pom under the eyes and before the mouth. This will be the Groundhogs nose.
#7: Glue a 2 brown pom poms on the top of the plate. These will be your Groundhogs ears.
#8: Cut your string into 2 inch pieces. You will need 6 pieces of string all together
#9: Glue 3 pieces of string to each side of the pink pom pom (or groundhogs nose). These will be your groundhogs whiskers.
#10: Place a hole on each side of the plate using the hole punch.
#11: Thread a piece of string through each hole. Long enough to fit around your child’s head.

We hope you enjoyed the Groundhog day crafts. If you did send us a picture or a comment letting us know and we will feature it on Kids Craft Zone!