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Act Like Your Dad

   Create a story about your Dad then act it out using props from around your house

Supplies Needed:


Pen or Pencil


Markers or Crayons



#1: Take some paper (how much paper depends on how many pages you want your story to be) and place a row of staples on the left side of the paper, to create a book.

#2: Begin by placing the title of your book on the first page. On each additional page create a story about your Dad, leaving room for a picture.

#3: Create a drawing for each page of your story book

#4: Now its time to act out your story out. Make sure to use fun clothes to dressup as your Dad and other characters in your story. Use boxes and household items as props.

* Dress Up Ideas: Use old fabric to make hair. Foil covered cardboard for police badges. Old curtains for a nice ball gown. Tulle for a bride or ballerina. Shoe Boxes for Shoes. Plate for a Steering Wheel. Bowl as a hat.


Father's Day Golf Headcover

   Does your Dad love to golf. Give him a gift to protect the heads on his golf clubs. He'll think of you everytime he's on the green!

Supplies Needed: 

Tube Sock



Permanent Markers or Fabric Paint


#1: Using your sock decorate it to look like a face or animal. Your Dad can use it to protect the tops of golf clubs. Make the nose by placing some tissue paper in the top center of the sock and wrapping a twist tie around the tissue paper and sock.

#2: Draw the mouth and eyes. Get creative!

#3: Use yarn to make the hair. Do this by creating two holes in the top of the sock and then pull the pieces of yarn through and knot it on top.

* Make a golf headcover resembling everyone in your family.

Father's Day Picture Frame Stain Glass

   Give your Dad a stain glass picture with custom frame for his office. He'll remember you everytime he looks at it

Supplies Needed:

Old Picture Frame

Masking Tape

Tempera or Acrylic Paint

Permanent Marker

Paint Brush


#1: Lay down wax paper, newspaper to protect your work environment

#2: Carefully take the glass out of the frame and tape the edges of the glass. This will prevent you from cutting your fingers on the raw edge of the glass

#3: Using the marker create a design on the glass

#4: Using the paint fill in the space between your marker line (if your paint is to thick you can try adding a small amount of water)

#5: Allow the paint to dry

#6: Remove the tape around the edge of the glass and place the glass back inside the frame.

#7: Set your new work of art near a sunny location so the sun will shine through your design.

*Try adding a personal touch by also painting or adding objects around the frame

Father's Day Homemade Handkerchief

   Your Dad will think of you daily with this custom homemade handkerchief craft

Supplies Needed:
White Handkerchief

Permanent Markers

#1: Wash and Dry the Handkerchief
#2: Using the permanent markers decorate the handkerchief

*Decorative Ideas:

Have your children write their names, draw a picture of your Dad, Write reasons you love him

Father's Day Door Hanger

   Show your Dad how much you care with this simple to make door hanger kids craft. It will go perfect on the door to your Dad's favorite room

Supplies Needed:
Card Stock
Crayons or Markers

#1: Cut out a large rectangle from card stock
#2: Cut a circle out of one end of the rectangle. To go over the door
#3: Decorate the door hanger
#4: Laminate the door hanger so your Dad can cherish it for years