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Homemade Bowling

   Create your own bowling alley inside your home. All you need is a few items from around your home and you are ready to bowl.

Supplies Needed:
9-Plastic Cups (plastic bowls or containers)
Ball (soccer ball, basketball, nerf ball, etc.)

#1: Setup the plastic cups in a “v” shape as seen in a bowling alley
#2: Use the ball to knock down the cups. Each player gets two turns to roll the ball and knock down as many pins as possible.

Bottle Cap Toss

   Are you bored on this rainy day? Try this fun, and exciting bottle toss activity. Who will be the winner at the end of round 10

Supplies Needed:



Bottle Caps (something easy to throw like checkers pieces, penny, pen caps, ect.)

Printable score sheet: Score Sheet.pdf (100.78 kb)


#1: Get up to 5 to 8 pieces of paper.

#2: Write numbers on the paper. These are going to be your points in the game.

* Make the game a little harder by cutting the largest number into a smaller square. Which will make it harder to hit!

#3: Print out score sheet

#4: Place the numbered sheets of paper on the floor(in a zig zag pattern. The sheets of paper should have the lowest number closest and the largest number furthest .)

#5:Toss the first object onto a paper and recorded the number.

#6: Take turns doing this for ten rounds.

Kidz Number Game

   Learn number recognition, counting and matching with this math game

Supplies Needed:

20 Index Cards

Markers or Crayons


#1: Write the numbers and spelling of the words 1-10 on the index card. You should do 2 of the same number.

#2: Draw circles or pictures on the index cards representing the number shown


*Mix up the cards and try to put pairs together

*Play the memory game with the index cards by turning them all over and taking turns flipping cards over until you find a match!

Indoor Zoo Animal Craft

   Turn your family room into a zoo with ticket admisssions, animal cages and lots of fun imagination

Supplies Needed:

Stuffed Animals



Markers or Crayons

Shoe Boxes or other items to use as cages


#1: Have your child bring out all their stuff animals.

#2: Place shoe boxes and other cage items around the room. For those animals that need to be caged!

#2: Using the paper make admission tickets and animal treats. Use a plastic bowl and color the bottom blue for water for the animals.

Family Snow Ball Fight

   You don't have to have snow to play this fun indoor game

Supplies Needed:

Paper (for snow balls)


Blankets & Pillows (for 2 forts)


#1: Using the blankets and pillows setup two snow forts. Place the two forts in the same room and pretty close to each other

#2: Crumble up the paper until it is a small ball (can use any old newspaper or white tissue paper, or computer paper)

#3: Place an even number of snow balls (crumbled paper) into each basket

#4: Begin your snow fight battle once both sides are in place!

*Other snow ball idea: Use your snowballs to hit targets. Each target is worth a certain amount of points. 


What game did you play with your snowballs? Leave us a comment and let us know!