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Labor Day Cookies

   Let others know you appreciate their hard work with a Labor Day Cookie. These cookies are fun and easy to make and are perfect for showing your appreciation

Supplies Needed:
Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough- Sugar Cookie Flavor 
Edible Writing Icing
#1: Prepare the sugar cookies according to the directions on the tube
#2: When you bring them out of the oven immediately place the popsicle stick into the cookie. Allow to cool with the popsicle stick inside.
#3: Once the cookies are cool, it’s time to decorate! Get creative using candies and writing icing. Give your child different colors of vanilla icing to use (add food coloring to the icing)
#4: Write “thank you”,” job well done”, or  “ thanks” on the cookies using edible writing icing.
#5: Give your cookie to someone special to let them know how much they are appreciated.

Labor Day Kids Craft

   Show your appreciation this Labor Day by offering someone a helping hand. Not only will others appreciate the gesture but they will cherish this wonderful handprint kids craft

Supplies Needed:
Construction Paper
Marker or Crayon
#1: Trace your child’s hand on a piece of paper
#2: Use scissors to cut out the handprint
#3: Decorate one side of the handprint
#4: On the other side of the hand write something such as:
Here is a helping hand in case you ever need it.
I appreciate your helping hand
Thank you for your helping hand

Labor Day Collage

   Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? Make an occupation college using pictures that represent the job you want to do

Supplies Needed:
Piece of Construction Paper
Old Magazine or newspapers

#1: Decide what you want to be when you grow up and then think about all the images that are associated with that job. Such as:  If you wanted to be a veterinarian the images to look for would be animals, pet bowls, pet food, bandages, medicine. Police Officer the images would be a police car, handcuffs, badge, lights, police uniform.
#2: Cut out all the images from a magazine.
#3: Glue the images to the piece of construction paper
#4: Allow your Labor Day Collage to dry.

Labor Day Puppets

   What better way to show your appreciation this Labor Day then with a puppet show performance. Discover a free, fun and easy way to make puppets for your Labor Day puppet show

Supplies Needed:
Brown Paper Bags
Googly Eyes
Markers or Crayons
Pink Pom Pom

#1: Pick a job that you would like to make your  Labor Day Puppet look like. Such as a police officer, veterinarian, computer repair man, construction worker, etc.
#2:Open the flap portion of the lunch bag and draw a mouth. This will be the mouth of your Labor Day Puppet and should be placed under the flap. Allow to dry before continuing.
#2: Glue the two googly eyes on the middle top of the flap portion of the brown lunch bag
#3: Glue the pink pom pom below the eyes on the flap portion of the brown lunch bag. This will be your Labor Day Puppets nose.
#4: Draw an outfit for your Labor Day Puppet on the lower portion of the bag
#5: Your Labor Day Puppet is ready to perform in their first puppet show!

Labor Day Game

   You and your family will have a blast playing this Labor Day Game. All you need to get started is a few items from around your house and you are set for hours of fun and excitement

Supplies Needed:
Pencil or Pen

#1: On a sheet of paper write down different jobs that people have. Such as, police officer, veterinarian, firefighter, pastor, grocery clerk, etc
#2: Cut out the different jobs and place them in a bowl
#3: Pick one piece of paper from the bowl. Without the other person seeing what you picked draw a picture of the job you picked out. Keep drawing clues until your partner guesses the image
#4: Take turns picking out jobs and drawing them.