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Kids Astronaut Helmet

   Kids Astronaut Helmet is a great kids space craft that your children will enjoy making as well as playing with.

Supplies Needed:
Crayons or Markers
#1: Have an adult cut a large hole in the cardboard box. This will be where the child looks out of the astronaut helmet
#2: Use Crayons or Markers to decorate the kids astronaut helmet
#3: Add glue and glitter to make this kids astronaut Helmet out of this world!

Kids Cinco De Mayo Fireworks Activity

   This kids Cinco De Mayo Fireworks Activity is a fun kids craft to help you celebrate Cinco De Mayo.

Supplies Needed:
Paint (red, green and white)

#1: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic
#2: Place a small amount of paint on the center of the piece of paper (a small paint pile).
#3: Place your straw slightly above the paint pile you made on the paper.
#4: Blow as hard as you can on the end of the straw and watch as the paint moves on the paper. Make sure your children are not inhaling when blowing on the straw.
#5: Keep blowing on the straw until the paint fans out and looks like a firework. 
#6: You can get creative and use red and green on a white sheet of paper. Remember to let your drawing dry before hanging up!

Mitten Picture Frame Ornament

   Create an adorable Mitten Picture Frame Ornament this holiday season all while spending time with your children.

Supplies Needed:
Mitten Template:
Construction paper
Hole Punch

#1: Print out the Mitten Template
#2: Cut out the Mitten template
#3: Trace the mitten template on a piece of paper
#4: Cut out the mitten you traced.
#5: Decorate the mitten you cut out using markers or crayons. Try adding glitter, bows, buttons and other fun decorations to your mitten.
#6: Use the hole punch to create a hole in the top of the mitten. Away from where your fingers would be on the mitten
#7: Thread your ribbon through the hole you just created and tie a knot.
#8: Draw a small circle in the center of the mitten
#9: Cut out the circle you just created in the center of the mitten
#10: Glue a picture to the back of the mitten. Showing through the circle you just cut.

Labor Day Wreath

   Labor Day is recognized as a celebration of the working class. So show your appreciation with a fun and easy to make Labor Day Wreath

Supplies Needed:
Labor Day Images:


Labor Day Cards

   Labor Day is about celebrating the working class of America so show someone you appreciate all they do with an easy to make Labor Day Card. Nothing says thank you more than a homemade card does

Supplies Needed:
Construction Paper
Printable Labor Day Images:

chef.pdf (40.12 kb)