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Candy Hunt Birthday Game

   Candy Hunt Birthday Game is a great outdoor kids birthday game. This is sure to be a ton of fun at any children's birthday party.

Supplies Needed:
Birthday Goody Bag (to collect items found)
Kids Birthday Goody Bag Supplies

#1: Create an Easter Egg Hunt for your child’s birthday party. Place candy and any birthday toys outside for the children to find.
#2: Give each child a goody bag to collect what they find.

#3: Send children outside to look for their treasures!

** Have the children hide the gifts they bring your child when they arrive for the birthday party as another fun game.

Birthday Water Gun Activity

   Your birthday party will not be complete without a fun birthday game from Kids Craft Zone.Check out this exciting birthday water gun activity.

Supplies Needed:

Water Guns




Marker or Crayons

#1: Draw Birthday images on the paper. Make cakes, presents, clown faces, etc

#2: Cut out the Birthday images you made

#3: Draw a big or little red circle on the birthday image

#4: Tape the birthday image outside on a window or wall. Something you won't mind if it gets wet

#5: Use tape to mark a line a few feet back from the birthday images. This will be where the kids stand behind to shoot at the images.

#6: Setup water guns behind the line and have the children shoot at the red circle on the birthday image. Once the child gets the inside of the circle wet, they win the game!  

Math Toss Maddness Game

   Have a blast outdoors while brushing up on your math skills with this Math Toss Maddness Game! All you need is a printer, sidewalk chalk and you're ready to play

Supplies Needed:

Printable Toss Diagram: Math Toss Maddness Game.pdf (29.25 kb)
Printable Score Sheet:
Score Sheet.pdf (100.78 kb)

Sidewalk Chalk (Homemade Sidewalk Chalk)
Small Rocks
Pencil or Pen

#1: Print out the printable score sheet and printable diagram
#2: On the sidewalk or driveway draw the diagram
#3: Stand at least 4 feet (use your own feet to measure distance)back from the edge of the outer square
#4: Set the number of points you are going to play to before the game starts so you know who wins. Keep track of the score on the printable score sheet.

*Remember if a rock lands in the outer square you must subtract 5 points!

*Try painting the rocks in each teams color to keep track of each player’s rocks

*Make sure nobody is in your way when you are throwing your rock


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Youth Relay Game

   Enjoy the great outdoors with this youth relay race game. Your children will have a blast drawing the relay game and participating in the race

Supplies Needed:
Sidewalk Chalk (
Homemade Sidewalk Chalk)
Nerf ball or something soft to toss

#1: Draw 2 Circles next to each other on the sidewalk
#2: About 10 feet (use your feet to measure the distance) from the two circles draw a long line for the Start line
#3: Divide yourselves into two teams of equal players and line up behind the start line
#4: The first player for each team starts by throwing their ball into their circle. They then run to the circle pickup the ball and run back to the start line and give it to the next player in line. This continues until every player has successfully landed the ball in the circle! The team to finish first wins!

Addition Activity

   Who knew you could have so much fun practicing addition outside

Supplies Needed:

Different Objects

Hula Hoop

Printable Score Sheet: Addition Score Sheet.pdf (102.41 kb)

Pencil or Pen


#1: Assign each object a different number value and write on a piece of paper


                      Tennis Balls -5 points

                      Frisbee- 3 points

                      Basketball -10 points

                      Beanbag – 1 point

#2: Place items in the center of the room

#3: Give each player a hula hoop

#4: When you say go the players must run or walk to the center and grab out the items totaling a certain number of points. Then bring them back and place them in their hula hoop.                                         Example: 25 points= 2 basketballs and a tennis ball.

#5: Players get points for each correct answer. Keep track of them on the printable score sheet.

*You can do addition and subtraction problems for an added challenge!