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Christopher Columbus Kids Map Activity

   Spend some time exploring like Christopher Columbus did by using your own map. Create this fun Christopher Columbus Kids Map Activity and you are ready to explore

Supplies Needed:
Brown Grocery Bag


Summer Umbrella Kids Craft

   Summer Umbrella Kids Craft is a great outdoor summer kids craft to do with your child.

Supplies Needed:
Cheap Umbrella plain and light colored
Fabric Paint (non washable)
Paint Brushes

#1: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic
#2: Open the umbrella. You can find cheap ones at the $1 store
#3: Have your child decorate the umbrella.
#4: Set aside and allow to dry before using.

Memorial Day Balloon

   Create a fun activity for your kids this Memorial Day with a fun Memorial Day balloon. They will not only have fun making this kids craft but also playing with it

Supplies Needed:
Red Balloon (can also use blue or white)
Red, White and Blue Streamers
Markers or Paint 

Simple Cookie Sheet Writing Craft

   The Simple Cookie Sheet Writing Craft is a great way to teach your child shapes, numbers, and letters.

Supplies Needed:
Cookie Sheet
Sugar or Salt

#1: Pour sugar on cookie sheet
#2: Allow your child to draw in the sugar. Show them how to make certain shapes, numbers, letters.

Kids Summer Bug Catcher

   Kids Summer Bug Catcher is a great kids craft for the summer months. This easy to make kids craft will provide hours of enjoyment.

Supplies Needed:
Plastic Cup
Plastic Wrap

#1: Take a clear plastic cup and decorate it using your markers. Make sure to leave a little open space so you can view your bug.
#2: Take a piece of plastic wrap and place it over the rim of the cup
#3: Secure it in place with the rubberband
#4: Have an adult use the scissors to make small holes in the plastic wrap. Make sure the holes are small so you bug doesn’t escape.
#5: Take off the plastic wrap but have it handy so once you catch your bug you can put the plastic wrap and rubberband back on to secure the bug.