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Kids Number Game Toss Craft

   Learning numbers is fun with this exciting Number Game Toss Craft from Kids Craft Zone.

Supplies Needed:
Crayons or Markers
Tissue Paper or Colored Balls

#1: Have an adult cut holes in the cardboard box. 1 hole for each number you want to teach
#2: Then have the child write a number above each hole
#3: Take tissue paper and make it into a ball. 1 ball for each number
#4: Yell out a number and have the child aim for that number. 

Toddler Number Learning Craft

   The Toddler Number Learning Craft is a great, easy way to teach your kids about numbers.

Supplies Needed:
Marker or Crayon
Magnet Numbers
#1: Cut out squares from the construction paper. Make them all the same size and you will need one for each number you want to create
#2: Write a number on the construction squares you cut out and draw the correct number of circles under the number
#3: Tape each number square to your refrigerator or metal surface
#6: Have your child match the correct magnetic number to the correct paper square.


Toddler Flash Card Craft

   Create these easy Toddler Fash Cards to help your child learn about numbers, letters and colors.

Supplies Needed:
Crayons or Markers
Index Cards

#1: Have an adult write on each index card different colors. Use the correct color to write the word. Examples: Red, Orange, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black
*add glitter, sand, feathers, etc to make the objects have a feeling

#2: Give the Toddler the flash cards and tell them what the flash card says.

Shoe Box Color Craft

   The Shoe Box Color Craft is a multi color teaching tool for your child. Easy to make and fun to explore colors.

Supplies Needed:
Shoe Box
Tissue Paper
#1: Take the shoe box and cut 6 circular holes on the top of the box. Can do more or less depending on how many you can fit
#2:Take tissue paper and tape it on the inside of the box over the circle. So when you turn over the box you see colors covering the holes
#3: Ask your child to lay soft items, like pom pom balls, on top of the correct colors. 
#4: When you start to lose their attention have them punch their hands through the color when you say a certain color.

Toddler Food Coloring Craft

   The Toddler Food Coloring Craft is a great way to teach your child about colors while letting them explore the fun of oil and water.

Supplies Needed:
Clear Plastic container with lockable lid
Food Coloring

#1: Have your child pick out their favorite food color
#2: Pour oil into the container. Filling it half way
#3: Place a few drops of your child’s favorite food color into the oil
#4: Next fill the rest of the container with water
#5: Tighten the lid on the container then give to your child to enjoy