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How to Make Invisible Ink

   Be a top secret agent with the ability to write in invisible ink. Write a secret message on paper and have it revealed only by the heat of a light bulb

Supplies Needed:

Half of a Lemon




Cotton Swab

White Paper

Light Bulb

#1: Squeeze some lemon juice into a bowl and add a few drops of water. Mix the water and lemon juice

#2: Dip the cotton swap in the juice mixure and write a message on the white paper

#3: When your message dries, hold the white paper up to a light bulb that’s on to reveal the message


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Homemade Thermometer

   Teach your children how to measure temperature by building their own thermometer

Supplies Needed:

Plastic Bottle (soda or water)

Clear Straw (plastic)


Rubbing Alcohol

Clay or Playdough


#1: Fill half the bottle with rubbing alcohol

#2: Fill the rest of the bottle with water

#3: Add a few drops of food coloring and shake the bottle to mix up the color

#4: Place the straw in the bottle

#5: Place the clay around the rim of the bottle to hold the straw about ¼ inch from the bottom of the bottle.

#6: You are now ready to use your thermometer. You can place it in cold and warm places to see the liquid rise and lower on the straw.


   Pretend you are a part of CSI, Miami. Go under cover and discover what your fingerprints look like

Supplies Needed:




Hand Handout: Right_hand.pdf (135.57 kb)

Fingerprint Handout: fingerprints.jpg (118.30 kb)


#1: Take a pencil and scribble on a piece of paper until you have a nice big black mark.

#2: Then rub your index finger in the mark. Your index finger is the one next to your thumb.

#3: Now get some tape. The best tape to use is called transparent tape or utility tape. Put a piece of it over your finger, press down, and pull it off.

#4: Pull the tape off and place it on the handout of your hand. Now you can see your fingerprint.

#6: Compare your fingerprints to the handout to see what type of fingerprint you have.


What kind of fingerprints do you have? Did you enjoy this science craft? Leave us a comment and let us know!


Diet Coke and Mentos Project

   Ever seen a Diet Coke Geyser

Supplies Needed:  

Diet Coke

Pack of Mentos


#1: Find a good place to do this experiment. It needs to be a place where Diet Coke can get everywhere. Outside in the grass is best!

#2: Place the Diet Coke on a flat surface and remove the cap

#3: Unwrap about half of the pack of mentos

#4: Drop the half of pack of mentos into the Diet Coke at the same time then run!

#5: You should see a huge geyser of Diet Coke!

Bend Water

   Your friends will be impressed at your magical powers. Learn how to bend the water that comes from your sink

Supplies Needed:

Sink with faucet

Plastic Comb or Balloon


#1: Turn on the faucet so a small stream of water is flowing.

#2: Run the comb through long dry hair or on a sweater several times until the comb is electrically charged

#3: Slowly bring the comb towards the water and watch as the water bends!


Did everybody think you were magical? Leave us a comment and let us know!