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Kids Beach Day Keepsake Craft

   The Kids Beach Day Keepsake Craft is a great and easy to make summer kids craft that will allow your kids to capture their beach day memory.

Supplies Needed:

Plastic Cup
Paint Brush
Paper Plate

#1: Collect sand and shells from your beach trip
#2: Pour the sand on a paper plate
#3: Take a plastic cup and use the paint brush to apply glue all around the cup
#4: Roll the plastic cup on the paper plate of sand. Do this until the whole cup is covered in sand.
#5: Set aside to dry
#6: Take your shells and glue them to the paper cup on top of the sand.
#7: Set aside to dry

Kids Summer Vacation Mobile Craft

   Kids Summer Vacation Mobile Craft is a great way for kids to show off what they did this summer.

Supplies Needed:
String or Yarn
Popsicle Sticks-3
Paper Clip-1
Hole Punch
#1: Create 3 drawings from your summer vacation. Like a pail and shovel for a beach day, picnic basket for a day at the park, suitcase for a trip you took
#2: On the back of each drawing write the date you went to that spot. 
#3: Place a hole in the top portion of the drawings you created using the hole punch. This will be where the drawings will hang from the mobile
#4: Color your popsicle sticks with markers or crayons. Color both sides. You may want to use glitter to make your popsicle sticks glittery. Allow to dry.
#5: Cut 3 pieces of sting about 3 inches long
#6: Attach the 3 inch strings to the drawings. By placing the string through the hole you punched.  Leave the one end untied. This will be how you hang your drawings to your popsicle stick.
#7: Attach string and drawings to each popsicle stick. Creating a mobile

Kids Summer Passport Craft

   The Kids Summer Passport Craft is a great way for kids to remember their summer while creating a craft that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Supplies Needed:
Pen or Pencil
Markers or Crayons

#1: Take some paper about 27 sheets and staple a row of staples on one end, to create a book.
#2: Make the first page your about me page. Glue a picture on the about me page like a passport book would have. Then write you name address, hair color, height, date, etc. 
#3: On each additional page write about each day of your summer vacation. Add stickers, pictures, drawings and items found during your vacation. 

Summer Umbrella Kids Craft

   Summer Umbrella Kids Craft is a great outdoor summer kids craft to do with your child.

Supplies Needed:
Cheap Umbrella plain and light colored
Fabric Paint (non washable)
Paint Brushes

#1: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic
#2: Open the umbrella. You can find cheap ones at the $1 store
#3: Have your child decorate the umbrella.
#4: Set aside and allow to dry before using.

Summer Freeze Tag Game

   This is a great Summer Kids Craft it gets your kids outside while keeping them cool this summer.

Supplies Needed:

Squirt Bottle (one for each child)


#1: Fill the squirt bottles up with ice cold water

#2: Send the kids outside to get the game started.

#3: When a player is sprayed they must freeze and stay frozen until the last player has frozen all the players.