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Kids Cinco De Mayo Fireworks Activity

   This kids Cinco De Mayo Fireworks Activity is a fun kids craft to help you celebrate Cinco De Mayo.

Supplies Needed:
Paint (red, green and white)

#1: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic
#2: Place a small amount of paint on the center of the piece of paper (a small paint pile).
#3: Place your straw slightly above the paint pile you made on the paper.
#4: Blow as hard as you can on the end of the straw and watch as the paint moves on the paper. Make sure your children are not inhaling when blowing on the straw.
#5: Keep blowing on the straw until the paint fans out and looks like a firework. 
#6: You can get creative and use red and green on a white sheet of paper. Remember to let your drawing dry before hanging up!

Cinco De Mayo Tablecloth

   Get the whole family involved in making this fun Cinco De Mayo Tablecltoh. Not only will it make a creat Cinco De Mayo decoration but you'll cherish it forever.

Supplies Needed:
Fabric Table Cloth (old sheet or blanket)
Paint (red, green and white)
Paper Plate

#1: Lay your fabric table cloth on the grass outside or someplace that won’t get damaged by paint
#2: Place newspaper or plastic anywhere you want to avoid paint
#3: Take a sponge and draw different Cinco De Mayo items such as sombrero, maracas, tacos, peppers, cactus, and piñatas,
 #4: Cut out the images you drew on the sponge. Ask an adult for help.
#5: Place small paint piles on the paper plate. This will be where you get paint for your sponge or paint brush.
#6: Dip your sponge or paint brush in the paint
#7: Press the sponge firmly onto the fabric table cloth.
#8: Have fun decorating the table cloth. It’s a great project to get the whole family involved in!

Cinco De Mayo Decorations

   Get ready for Cinco De Mayo with some fun Cinco De Mayo Decorations from Kids Craft Zone.

Supplies Needed:
Construction Paper (Red, White and Green)

#1: Cut the red, white and green construction paper into long strips
#2: Take a strip of paper and glue the ends together so it looks like a circle.
#3: Attach the second strip of paper by looping it through the first strip and gluing the ends together.
#4: Continue doing this until you have yourself a long Cinco De Mayo chain!

Cinco De Mayo Day Balloon Activity

   Your children will have a blast creating and playing with this Cinco De Mayo Day Balloon activity.

Supplies Needed:
Red Balloon (can also use green or white)
Red, Green and White Streamers
Markers or Paint 

#1: Blow up a balloon and knot
#2: Attach streamers to the balloon by tying them onto the knot
#3: Decorate your balloon with markers or paint and allow to dry.
#3: Run around outside waving your Cinco De Mayo balloon in honor of Cinco De Mayo or tie to your mailbox to show your support!

Cinco De Mayo Flag

   This Cinco De Mayo Flag is a great way to decorate for this Cinco De Mayo holiday. This kids craft is also a great teaching tool.

Supplies Needed:
28 Craft Sticks or Popsicle Sticks
Paint or Markers

#1: Take 3 craft sticks and place them on the table side by side varying in height next to each other. This will be how the flag is held together.
#2: Lay all 26 craft sticks on top of the 3 craft sticks. Make sure all 26 craft sticks are touching one of the 3 back craft sticks. You may need to use more craft sticks on the back of the flag to hold it together.
#3: Once all 26 sticks are in place glue them to the back 3 craft sticks.
#4: Allow glue to dry
#5: Divide the glued sticks into 3 equal rectangle portions
#6: Color the first portion of the sticks green, second portion white and the third red.