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Homemade Drums

   Help your child participate in the wonderful sounds of music. Music is fun and you can even create a song to go with your new drum

Supplies Needed:

Large Bowl

Plastic Wrap

Large Rubber Band


#1: Place plastic wrap over a large bowl. Hold the wrap in place with a large rubber band.

#2: Make up a rap to go with the beat of your drums!

Homemade Bongo Drums

   All you need is some items from around your house and you'll be able to make your own bongo drums. Decorate your bongo drums with a Caribbean design

Supplies Needed:

Oatmeal carton or coffee can (with lid)



Crayons or Markers



#1: Wrap and cut a piece of paper to fit around the oatmeal carton and glue it into place

#2: Remove the lid to the oatmeal carton. Make two holes in each side of the carton near the top. Cut a long piece of ribbon or strip and thread it through each hold and tie a knot on each end. Place the lid back on. This is your bongo strap!

#3: Using your crayons and markers decorate your bongo.

#4: You are now ready to play your bongo by beating a rhythm on the lid! Try writing a song to go with your new beat!

What do your homemade bongos look like? Did you have fun creating a new beat? Send us a picture or comment and let us know!


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Homemade Rain Sticks

   Try these easy to make homemade rain sticks. It really sounds like rain

Supplies Needed:

Tube (gift wrap tube, paper towel tube)



¼ cup of Dried Seeds (dried peas, rice, beans, popcorn, lentils)



#1: Use a cereal bowl to cut 2 circles out of paper.

#2: Place one of the paper circles over the end of the tube and fold the sides down and tape around the tube. (make sure it is taped well so nothing falls out!)

#3: Pour 1/4 cup of seeds into the tube.

#4: Tape the other circle over the open end of the tube. (make sure it is taped well so nothing falls out!)

#5 Have fun decorating your rain stick with markers, paints and ribbon.

Child Maracas

   Make lots of noise with this percussion instrument

Supplies Needed:

2 Paper Plates

Beans, Corn, Rice or Popcorn


Markers or Crayons



#1: Decorate your plates using crayons or markers

#2: Place a handful of beans on a plate and then place the other plate on top

#3: Lay the top of the streamers on the plate while the other end dangles. You may also use cut strips of tissue paper

#4: Staple the two plates together along the rim

#5: You are ready to make lots of noise by shaking them!


How do your maracas look?  Send us a picture or leave us a comment and let us know!

Water Chimes

   Learn how sounds are created by using different amounts of water

Supplies Needed:

8 glasses (same size and shape)



#1: Line up the 8 glasses.

#2: Fill the first glass about 1/8th full of water for the high note. The second should be about ¼ full and the third should be 3/8ths full. Continue this for all 8 glasses.

#3: Each glass should sound like a note on the music scale (do,re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do). You can adjust the sound my adding or taking water out.

#4: Have the child use the metal teaspoon to gently tap out the scale and other melodies (like twinkle, twinkle little star). You can add food coloring the each glass so that it is easier to identify which glass is what sound.

#5: Have your child make their own melody by printing out a music sheet and record each note by placing a number on the sheet or they can use a crayon and color a small dot according the color of the glass hit.