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Asteroid Fight Kids Game

   The Asteroid Fight Kids Game is the perfect space kids craft for your little one. This is a great indoor or outdoor game for your child.

Supplies Needed: 

Basket (place to store asteroids)
Markers or Crayons

#1: Take a piece of paper. Decorate it with markers or crayons to look like an asteroid
#2: Wad the paper up and place in a basket
#3: Continue to do this until you have enough asteroids for each team to have equal amounts
#4: Setup your battle field using pillows and blankets in an open area
#5: Each team needs to start at their own base
#6: At a designated signal the asteroid fight begins.
#7: Throw the asteroids at the opposite team

Alien Fingers Kids Craft

   Let kids explore their imagination with a fun space craft for kids. Aliens finger kids crafts are the perfect way to explore space.

Supplies Needed:
Markers or Crayons

#1:  Cut a small square out of a piece of paper
#2: Roll paper in a cone shape to fit kid’s fingers and tape
#3: Decorate the alien fingers with markers or crayons.

Space Shuttle Kids Craft

   The space shuttle kids craft is a wonderful space craft for kids and perfect to do before that big shuttle launch.

Supplies Needed:

Paper Towel Roll
Markers or Crayons
Red Paper

#1: Take a piece of paper and cut out two triangle shaped pieces. These will be the wings to your space shuttle
#2: Glue the 2 wings to the side of the paper towel roll
#3: Take another piece of paper and cut a small triangle. This will be the end tail of the space shuttle
#4: Glue this to the end of one side of the tube
#5: On the other end of the tube. The side without the glued on triangle. Fold this end of the roll together. This will be the nose of the space shuttle
#6: Decorate the space shuttle using crayons or markers.
#7: Cut strips of red paper and attach it to the open end of the paper roll. These will look like flames on the space shuttle.
#8: You’re now ready to fly to space.

Asteroids Kids Craft

   Teach your kids about asteroids with these fun and easy to make space crafts for kids.

Supplies Needed:
Syrofoam Craft Balls
Paint Brush
Bubble Wrap
Paper Towel Roll or Toilet Paper Roll

#1: Protect your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic
#2: Cut the paper towel roll in half
#3: Place the Styrofoam ball on top of the paper towel roll. This will be the stand to hold the Styrofoam ball while you paint
#4: Paint your Styrofoam balls and set aside to dry
#5: Place some paint on the bubble wrap then place the bubble wrap on the Styrofoam ball. This will give the look of craters on your Styrofoam asteroids.
#6: Set aside and allow to dry before displaying your asteroids.

Kids Paper Towel Alien Craft

   Your children will have a blast creating an alien out of a paper towel roll. This is a great recycle craft for kids as well as a space craft for kids.

Supplies Needed:

Paper towel roll
Goggly eyes
Pipe Cleaners

#1: Create your own paper towel alien by glueing items to the paper towel roll.
#2: Glue the yarn on the inside of the roll for alien hair
#3: Glue on the googly eyes for your aliens eyes
#4: You can poke holes in the paper towel roll and insert pipe cleaners for alien arms.
#5: Get creative!