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Kids Birthday Banner Craft

   The Kids Birthday Banner Craft is the perfect way to remember all those special birthdays. Put it up each year as a reminder of how small your child once was.

Supplies Needed
Construction Paper
Birthday Pictures

#1: Cut out 18 (or however many years you want to do) 3” squares using the construction paper and scissors
#2: Lay the cut out squares on a table in a row spacing them slightly 
#3: Lay the ribbon over top of the squares so that it stretches across all 18 squares
#4: Glue the ribbon to the top of the squares
#5: Cut out photos of your child from each birthday and glue them to the squares in order from youngest to oldest. 

Kids Free Birthday Craft

   The Kids Free Birthday Craft is a great activity to do with children at a birthday party. They also make great birthday decorations.

Supplies Needed:
Plastic Cup
Tissue Paper
Construction Paper
Pipe Cleaner

#1: Have an adult cut a plastic cup about 1” from the bottom. This will be the birthday cake base
#2: Wrap the bottom of the plastic cup in construction paper
#3: Take tissue paper and roll it into a ball. This will be the icing on the cake
#4: Take the tissue ball and insert it into the cup.
#5: Take a pipe cleaner and insert it into the center of the tissue paper ball. This is your candle.
#6: Cut little slivers of construction paper
#7: Glue these slivers to the top of tissue ball they are the sprinkles on the cake. You can also sprinkle glitter to add a little more flare.

Candy Hunt Birthday Game

   Candy Hunt Birthday Game is a great outdoor kids birthday game. This is sure to be a ton of fun at any children's birthday party.

Supplies Needed:
Birthday Goody Bag (to collect items found)
Kids Birthday Goody Bag Supplies

#1: Create an Easter Egg Hunt for your child’s birthday party. Place candy and any birthday toys outside for the children to find.
#2: Give each child a goody bag to collect what they find.

#3: Send children outside to look for their treasures!

** Have the children hide the gifts they bring your child when they arrive for the birthday party as another fun game.

Kids Party Hat Shake Down

   No children's birthday party is complete without the Kids Party Hat Shake Down Game. This kids birthday game will have everyone laughing!

Supplies Needed:
Birthday Party Hat
Gum Balls

#1: Cut a hole in the side of the Birthday Party Hat
#2: Place the party hat on the child’s head
#3: Place a gum ball inside the hole of the party hat
#4: The child needs to shake their head back and forth to get the gum ball out of the party hat hole. They are not allowed to use their hands except to hold the party hat on their head if they are having trouble.
#5: The first child to get the gum ball out of their party hat wins!

Kids Printable Birthday Face Game

   The Kids Printable Birthday Face Game is sure to be a favorite at any childrens birthday party. This printable kids craft will have everyone laughing.

Supplies Needed:
Poster Board
Crayons or Markers
Printable Face:

Printable Face.pdf (19.37 kb)

Craft Items: uncooked pasta , googly eyes, birthday candles (unlit), pipe cleaners, etc


#1: Create a Birthday Banner using the poster board, crayons and markers. Write  Happy Birthday (child’s name)
#2: Print out enough printable faces as the number of children attending the party
#3: Setup a craft station at a table that includes, crayons, markers, glue and craft items.
#4: Each child must create the birthday child’s face on the printable face and using the craft items provided.
 Example: macaroni for hair, birthday candle for nose, pasta for mouth, googly eyes
#5: Have the child sign their drawing
#6: Once the glue is dried the child must tape their completed face to the Happy Birthday banner.