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Bulls Eye Toss Game

   All you need is sidewalk chalk and small rocks to enjoy this outdoor sports game. See if you have what it takes to get a Bulls Eye

Supplies Needed:
Printable Target Diagram:
Printable Score Sheet:
Sidewalk chalk (Homemade Sidewalk Chalk)
Small Rocks

#1: Print the diagram and score sheet to take outside
#2: On the sidewalk or driveway draw the diagram
#3: Stand at least 3 feet (use your feet to measure distance) from outer circle of the diagram
#4: Toss the rocks onto the target
#5: Set the number of points you are going to play to before the game starts so you know who wins. Keep track of the score on the printable score sheet.

*Try painting the rocks in each teams color to keep track of each player’s rocks
*Make sure nobody is in your way when you are throwing your rock

Baseball Plate Activity

   Create a baseball out of a plate. Use it to take to a game or hang it on the walls in your room

Supplies Needed:

Paper or Plastic Plate

Red Paint or Marker


#1: Take a plate and on the back of the plate draw two red dashed lines. See design below

#2: Color the back rim red.

#3: Trim a small section of the rim away from the plate

#4: Punch a hole in the top and attach string to hang from the ceiling or make a few of them to hang on the walls in your room. Use them to decorate for your sports party. Or you can your team name on the plate and take it to the game!

Baseball Picture Holder

   The hardest part of this baseball craft is picking out the sports pictures you are going to use

Supplies Needed:

Styrofoam ball

White Paint

Red 3D Paint


Metal Coat Hanger


#1: Have an adult use a knife to cut a bit off the bottom of the Styrofoam ball so that it sets on a table

#2: Using the white paint. Paint the entire Styrofoam ball. And set aside to dry

#3: Once dry use the 3-D Paint to create red lines as seen on a baseball

#4: Have an adult cut the metal coat hanger (may also use 18 gauge wire) about 7 inches long. Need two metal pieces

#5: Using the pencil roll the wire around the pencil three times. This will hold the picture.

#6: Place the unrolled end of the wire into baseball

#7: All that’s left to do is find your favorite sports pictures to place in the spiral ends of the wire


*Use an egg shaped styrofoam with brown and white paint to make a football picture holder

*Use a styrofoam ball with black and white paint for a soccer ball picture holder

*Use a styrofoam ball with brown and black paint for a basketball picture holder

The possiblities are endless!

Youth Water Balloon Football

   Need a great outdoor activity on a hot summer day! Cool off with a little game of water balloon football

Supplies Needed:

Water Balloons (2 per each player)


Safety Pin


#1: Create two teams with equal number of players on each side

#2: Fill up and tie enough balloons for each player to have two

#2: Attach two water balloons to each player. Use the safety pin to attach it to their shorts. Make sure to place the safety pin through the knot part of the balloon.

#3: Have the player use normal football rules but instead of tackling someone they have to pop the balloon instead!

Sports Ice Cream Stick Photo Frame

   Make your own custom frame using ice cream sticks. Then hang your favorite sports photo inside

Supplies Needed:

10 Ice Cream Sticks


Marker or Crayons

Sports Decorations

Thick String or Wire


#1: Lay 4 Ice Cream Sticks Horizontally (laying left to right) with about ½’ gap between the sticks

#2: On top of those 4 ice cream sticks lay two sticks vertically (or up and down) on the two ends of the 4 sticks. Glue them in place

#3: Now tie the thick string or wire to the top stick (of the 4 sticks)

#4: For the front side of the picture frame, create a square pattern with 4 sticks and glue them together.

#5: Glue the back piece and the front piece together.

#6: Use crayons or makers to decorate your picture frame

#7: Slide your sports picture into the frame and hang it in your house!