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Kids Edible Fruit Pita Pocket Craft

   Kids Edible Fruit Pita Pocket Craft is a yummy edible craft for families to make together.

Supplies Needed:
Pita Pocket
Ricotta Cheese
Apple Slices

#1: Have an adult wash and cut up apple
#2: Pour all the ingredients in a bowl for your child to easily access
#3: Take the pita pocket and open it up. Use a spoon to spread ricotta cheese on the inside of the pita pocket
#4: Place the apple slices inside the pita pocket.
#5: Sprinkle with cinnamon for a delicious and healthy treat.

Kids Edible Fruit Ice Cream Treat

   Kids Edible Fruit Ice Cream Treat is a wonderful hands on craft for kids that taste great too!

Supplies Needed:
Waffle Cone
Vanilla Yogurt

#1: Have an adult wash and cut up fruit
#2: Pour the vanilla yogurt in a bowl and in a separate bowl pour fruit so the child can easily access it.
#3: Have the child place all the fruit they want in the waffle cone
#4: Have them use the spoon to add the yogurt to the top of this yummy treat.

Kids Pizza Edible Craft

   The Kids Pizza Edible Craft is a fun food kids craft for any age. Eating healthy was never so much fun

Supplies Needed:
English Muffin
Pizza Sauce
Mozzarella Cheese
Meat or Vegetable Toppings that your child enjoys

#1: Have an adult cook any meat or toppings that need to be cooked.
#2: Pour all the items the child will use for their pizza in a bowl for easier access.
#3: Have an adult toast the English Muffin
#4: Use a spoon to put on pizza sauce, cheese and pizza toppings
#5: Enjoy your tasty treat!

Deli Meat Edible Kids Craft

   Turn that deli meat into a fun exciting food kids craft. Deli Meat Edible Kids Craft is healthy and easy to make.

Supplies Needed:
Mustard (could use ketchup if they don’t like mustard)
Turkey or deli meat
Sesame breadstick

#1: Spread mustard on a piece of deli meat
#2: Wrap the deli meat around the sesame breadstick
#3: Enjoy!

Kids Edible Peanut Butter Ball Craft

   Eating healthy never tasted so good. The Kids Edible Peanut Butter Ball Craft is a healthy and edible kids craft.

Supplies Needed:
Peanut Butter
Graham Cracker

#1: Place graham crackers on a plate and have your child use a spoon to crush the graham crackers then set aside
#2: In a bowl mix equal amounts of peanut butter and cornflakes
#3: Take the peanut butter mixture and form balls
#4: Roll these balls in your crushed graham crackers.
#5: Enjoy!