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The ABC's Of Mom

   Give your Mother the gift that will keep on giving. Its easy to do and its guaranteed that she'll read this book over and over again

Supplies Needed:


Pen or Pencil


Markers or Crayons


#1: Take some paper (how much paper depends on how many pages you want your story to be) and staple a row of staples on one end , to create a book.

#2: Begin by placing the title of your book on the first page. On each page write a letter of the alphabet and then write and draw something about your mother

          A: Apple Pie is my Mom’s favorite snack

          B: My Mom has Brown Hair

          C: She makes me chicken noodle soup

          D: She Dances funny

#3: Create a drawing for each page of your book.

Family Handprint Bouquet

   Add a personal touch to Mother's Day with this project

Supplies Needed:




Paint or Markers

Pipe Cleaners


#1: Trace each family members hand on the paper. Also trace out leaves and a stem

#2: Cut out each family members hand.

#3: Each family member should decorate their handprint.

#4: Use pipe cleaners to make leaves and stems and glue them on

#4: Glue each hand together in a layering effect. Glue on leaves and stems

Bottle Cap Necklace

   Turn your old bottle caps into a locket necklace for your Mom

Supplies Needed:

2 Metal Bottle caps


Yarn or String


Tiny Photo





#1: Paint both sides of the 2 bottle caps

#2: Fold your ribbon in half. (Could also use a piece of sturdy paper about 1/16 inch wide) Glue one side of the ribbon to the inside of the bottle cap and the other side of the ribbon to the inside of the other bottle cap. So the two bottle caps will be connected.

#3: Cut the photo to fit inside the bottle cap. Also cut a piece of paper to fit inside the bottle cap

#4: Glue the photo on the inside of one of the bottle caps. Over the ribbon. Glue the piece of paper on the inside of the other bottle cap. Over the ribbon.

#5: Cut yarn to fit around your neck. Knot the yarn at one end

#6: Open the locket and place over the yarn. Place a small bead of glue on the ribbon just below where the yarn is. This way the locket will stay on the yarn.

Homemade Calendar

   Let your Mom know you are thinking of her everyday of the year with this personal calendar

Supplies Needed:
Printable Calendar (print 12): Calendar.jpeg.pdf (10.25 kb)

2 sheets of colored paper
Markers or Crayons

#1: Print out the Calendar sheets
#2: Place the print out calendar sheets in between the two sheets of colored paper
#3: Place a row of staples along the top so all the pages are bond together
#4: Fill in the month and dates on each calendar page. Use a calendar for that year to make sure dates are correct
#5: Decorate each month in the calendar using markers or crayons. You may also glue on family photos for a personal touch. Add special dates to the calendar like birthdays and holidays!

Mother's Day Flowers!

   Your Mother will cherish these flowers forever

Supplies Needed:

Facial Tissues or colored tissue paper



Pipe Cleaners

Water Color Paint (optional)


#1: Use one facial tissue and fold it back and forth. It should look like a paper fan or an accordion fan

#2: Use a piece of thread and tie it tightly in the middle

#3: Separate the layers of the tissue and fluff it into a flower shape

#4: Attach a pipe cleaner to the bottom of the flower for the flower stem.

#5: You may use water color paint to create a colored flower. Make sure to only dap the color on the ends of the tissue paper because the tissue will absorb and spread the color.