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Kids Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

   Personalize your Thanksgiving dinner table this year with napkin rings your family designed. They are cute and easy to make and the whole family will enjoy creating them

Supplies Needed: 

Toilet Paper Roll or Paper Towel Roll



Makers or Crayons


#1: Cut the toilet paper roll in rings about 2 inches wide

#2: Decorate each ring with Thanksgiving designs

*Cut out feathers and glue them to the inside of the ring, then decorate the outside like an Indian headdress

* Place Thanksgiving stickers on the napkin rings

*Draw a turkey, corn, leaves, family members names, write things you are thankful for

#3: Place the napkin inside the ring and you are ready to set the table!

Family Handprint Bouquet

   Add a personal touch to Mother's Day with this project

Supplies Needed:




Paint or Markers

Pipe Cleaners


#1: Trace each family members hand on the paper. Also trace out leaves and a stem

#2: Cut out each family members hand.

#3: Each family member should decorate their handprint.

#4: Use pipe cleaners to make leaves and stems and glue them on

#4: Glue each hand together in a layering effect. Glue on leaves and stems

Memorial Day Trivia

   Do you know why we celebrate Memorial Day? Discover fun Memorial day trivia at Kids Craft Zone

What was the first state to celebrate Memorial Day?
  New York
What was the original name for Memorial Day?
  Decoration Day
Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for whom?

Memorial Day Poems

   Discover a collection of memorable Memorial Day Poems that are a must read this Memorial Day. You can use the poems to create wonderful Memorial Day cards or just share them with friends

Oh look at the flag,
In the sun, in the wind,
Do its bright colors shine.
It is yours and it is mine!

Kids Birthday Banner Craft

   The Kids Birthday Banner Craft is the perfect way to remember all those special birthdays. Put it up each year as a reminder of how small your child once was.

Supplies Needed
Construction Paper
Birthday Pictures

#1: Cut out 18 (or however many years you want to do) 3” squares using the construction paper and scissors
#2: Lay the cut out squares on a table in a row spacing them slightly 
#3: Lay the ribbon over top of the squares so that it stretches across all 18 squares
#4: Glue the ribbon to the top of the squares
#5: Cut out photos of your child from each birthday and glue them to the squares in order from youngest to oldest.