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Children's Color Game Toss

   The Children's Color Game Toss is a great craft because its fun to create as well as learn from.

Supplies Needed:
Crayons or Markers
Tissue Paper or Colored Balls

#1: Have an adult cut holes in the cardboard box. 1 hole for each color you want to teach
#2: Then have the child color around each hole a different color
#3: Take tissue paper and make it into a ball. 1 ball for each hole color
#4: Yell out a color and have the child aim for that color. 

Spray Bottle Kids Craft

   Spray Bottle Kids Craft is a great activity for preschoolers. This kids craft creates really neat effects and is fun for kids.

Supplies Needed
Spray Bottle
Water Color Paint
#1: Fill the spray bottle up with a little bit of water
#2: Add some water color paint to the water bottle and twist back on top of spray bottle
#3: Have your child spray the bottle on a piece of paper to create some really cool effects.

Preschool Alphabet Kids Craft

   The Preschool Alphabet Kids Craft is a wonderful learning craft that teaches kids about the alphabet by using old magazines.

Supplies Needed:
Marker or Crayon
Old Magazines
Magnet Alphabet Letters

#1: Cut out squares from the construction paper. Make them all the same size and you will need 26 for all the letters of the alphabet
#2: Write a letter for each letter of the alphabet on the construction squares you cut out
#3: Cut out items from the magazine that go with each letter of the alphabet. Example A is for Apple.
#4: Glue the magazine items to the correct letter
#5: Tape each letter square to your refrigerator or metal surface
#6: Have your child match the correct magnetic letter to the correct paper square.

Preschool Number Game

   The Preschool Number Game is a great way to teach kids about numbers. This children's activity is great for any age.

Supplies Needed:

5 Cups
Pom Pom Balls

#1: Take the 5 plastic cups and write numbers on them 1-5 using a marker
#2: Give the child enough balls to put the correct number of balls in the cups. They will need 15 balls total.
#3: Let the game begin! It’s a race to see what child can put the correct number of balls in the cup the fastest.

* Can spice it up by doing addition, subtraction, or multiplication on the cups.

Free Preschool Color Game

   The Free Preschool Color Game is a great way to teach children about colors. Its fun and easy to do.

Supplies Needed:
Construction Paper
Circle Template
Markers or Crayons

#1: Print out the printable circle template
#2: Use scissors to cut out the circle template
#3: Trace the circle template on the construction paper. You need enough for each child to have one of each colored circle. And one set of circles to place on the other side of the room
#4: Write child’s name on each colored circle. Also write the name of the color on the set of circles you are placing on the other side of the room.
#5: The Child must take their circle and match it to the correct circle color. You will be able to tell who knows their colors by the child’s name on the circles.