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Handprint Valentine's Day Wreath

   Your children will have a blast creating this priceless handprint Valentine's Day Wreath. Its the perfect holiday decoration

Supplies Needed:
Construction Paper-Pink and White
Markers  or Crayons

#1: Trace your hand on the construction paper. You need to trace your hand about 10 times. About 5 hands for each side of the heart.
#2: Cut out your handprints
#3: Glue  your handprints together in a heart pattern. You can print out the heart pattern template (Heart Template.pdf (31.27 kb)) for help in getting that perfect heart shape.
#4: Decorate your handprints with your markers or crayons.

Native American Kids Vest

   Dress up for Thanksgiving in your own Native American Indian kids vest. Wear the vest as you do your Native American pow wow dance

Supplies Needed:

Large Brown Grocery Bag

Markers, Crayons or Paint



#1: Cut a hole in the bottom of the bag for your neck

#2: Cut two holes on the sides of the bag for your arms

#3: Cut down the middle of the bag

#4: Decorate your vest to look like a Native American Indian. Decorate your vest with feathers, glitter, your handprint, leaves or other fun Thanksgiving items!

*Make a Native Americian Indian Headdress to go along with your Native Ameican Indian Vest!

Handprint Turkey

   Make a cool turkey using your child's handprint. Not only does this handprint turkey make a great decoration but it is also a cherished memory you can make with your kids

Supplies Needed:

Paint-brown, red, green, orange, blue

Googly Eyes

Construction paper



#1: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic

#2: Paint the palm and thumb of your child’s hand brown. Make each finger a different color, red, orange, blue, green.

#3: Place your child’s hand on a piece of white paper. Press firmly on each finger and the palm

#4: Draw two legs for the turkey on the bottom of the palm print

#5: On the thumb portion of the turkey draw a beak and wattle

#6: Glue a googly eye on the turkey


Did you have fun getting messy with this handprint turkey craft? Leave us a comment or send us a picture of your turkey!

Handprint Spider

   This easy to do handprint spider craft is perfect for all ages. This cute little spider is the perfect halloween decoration


Supplies Needed:

Black Paint

Paint Brush

Construction Paper



Googly Eyes


#1: Prepare your work enviorment by laying down plastic or newspaper

#2: Paint your child’s hand excluding their thumb

#3: Press the painted hand and palm on the paper in one direction with the fingers pointing out

#4: Paint the other hand excluding their thumb

#5: Press the painted hand in the opposite direction with the fingers pointing out

(the child’s palm is the body of the spider and the child’s fingers are the spiders 8 legs)

#6: Decorate your spider by gluing on the googly eyes!

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Family Handprint Bouquet

   Add a personal touch to Mother's Day with this project

Supplies Needed:




Paint or Markers

Pipe Cleaners


#1: Trace each family members hand on the paper. Also trace out leaves and a stem

#2: Cut out each family members hand.

#3: Each family member should decorate their handprint.

#4: Use pipe cleaners to make leaves and stems and glue them on

#4: Glue each hand together in a layering effect. Glue on leaves and stems