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Kids Color Game Toss

   The Kids Color Game Toss is a great activity for children of every age. Change the game up by adding numbers or letters.

Supplies Needed:
Tissue Paper or Colored Balls

#1: Have an adult cut circles out of the cardboard box. Enough holes according to how many colors you want to do and balls you have
#2: Use paint and paint around the circles. Make each circle you cut out a different color according to the balls you are going to use. Set aside and allow to dry
#3: Now you are ready to play the game. Have your child toss the colored ball in the correct colored hole

Education Learning Box Craft

   Education Learning Box Craft can be used for children of all ages. Help your child explore colors and numbers with this fun kids craft.

Supplies Needed:
Shoe Box
Note Cards
#1: Take the shoe box and cut 6 length wise holes on the top of the box. Can do more or less depending on how many you can fit
#2: On the Note Cards draw or print off images. Can be shapes, colors, numbers, alphabet. For older children you could do math problems or spelling words. Make sure to do the same image twice. You need duplicates
#3: Cut the images out on one set of the postcards. 
#4:  On the other set of images you are going to fold them to look like triangles. So they stand on top of the box directly behind the holes you cut earlier
#5: Tape the folded triangle shaped note cards on the box. So they stand on top of the box directly behind the holes you cut earlier
#6: Give your child the note card images and have them match the correct image and put in the hole. 

Kids Mess Less Masterpiece Craft

   The Kids Mess Less Masterpiece Craft is a great craft to do with your children while avoiding all the mess.

Supplies Needed:
Large Clear Ziplock Plastic Bag
#1: Take  a sponge and have your child draw an image or you draw your child’s favorite image, animal on the sponge
#2: Have an adult cut out the image you drew on the sponge
#3: Place the sponge in the ziplock bag
#4: Add a few drops of your favorite paint color to the bag. Can use multiple colors its up to you.
#5: Give the ziplock bag to your child and have them go nuts squishing around the sponges and paint to create a mess less masterpiece. 

Kids Catapult

   Have a blast creating this kids craft. The Kids Catapult is great for indoor or outdoor play! Just aim and fire at your friends for hours of enjoyment

Supplies Needed:
Milk Carton
Hole Punch
Rubber Band
2 Pencils


Printable Tooth Fairy Pillow

   Get your kids excited about loosing their teeth with the printable Tooth Fairy Pillow. Everyone will enjoy making these fun kids crafts

Supplies Needed:
Printable Tooth Fairy Pattern:Tooth Fairy Pillow.pdf (15.82 kb)

Hole Punch
Yarn or Thread
Googly Eyes
Permanent Marker

#1: Print out the printable tooth fairy pattern
#2: Cut out the printable tooth fairy pattern. This will be your template
#3: Lay your tooth fairy pattern on top of the felt and trace around the pattern. You will need to do this twice to create both sides of the pillow.
#4: Use the hole punch to make a few holes around the perimeter of the Tooth Fairy Pillow. Make sure to make holes in the exact same spots on both pieces of felt.
#5: Thread your yarn through both pieces of felt.  You can leave a little string at the top and end of the tooth to create a place to hang your tooth fairy pillow or knot each end.
#6: Glue your googly eyes in the top center of the tooth fairy pillow.