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Earth Day Printable Tree Craft

   Encourage your child this Earth Day with a fun Earth Day Craft from Kids Craft Zone. Our Earth Day Printable Tree is a great educational tool for helping your child understand the importance of trees in our environment

Supplies Needed:
Printable Tree: Printable Tree.pdf (45.21 kb)

Paper Plate

#1: Print out the printable tree
#2: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic to protect work area from paint
#3: Paint the trunk of the tree and branches brown
#4: On a paper plate pour a little green, red, and orange paint this will be used to make the leaves
#5: Dip your finger into the paint and then press your finger on the branches of the tree.
#6: Continue to make fingerprint leaves until all the tree branches are covered.
#7: Allow your tree to dry and then hang it in a very special place this Earth Day!


Earth Day Craft Ornament

   Earth Day is a day about learning how to take care of the planet. Teach your child with our fun Earth Day activities, such as the Earth Day Craft Ornament

Supplies Needed:
Large Styrofoam Ball
Paint-Brown and Blue
Sharp Pencil
String or Yarn


Earth Day Recycling Activities

   Explore a fun way to reduce the amount of garbage your family throws away each day with fun Earth Day Recycling Activities. We also have lots of other eco friendly Earth Day crafts, activities and coloring pages

Supplies Needed:
Garbage Cans or Large Bins
Tape (painters tape or masking tape)
Chalkboard Paint
Paint Brush

#1: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic
#2: On the garbage can or bin use the tape to make a large rectangle.
#3: Use the paint brush and chalk board paint to fill in the taped out rectangle.
#4: Set aside to dry
#5: Once the paint is dry remove the tape
#6: Use your Chalk to write the item you are going to recycle in that bin. For instance: Aluminum, Paper, or Plastic.

Earth Day Garden Activity

   Celebrate Earth Day by using an eco friendly craft ideas and activities by Kids Craft Zone. Create your very own Earth Day Garden using items from around your home

Supplies Needed:
Recycled Plastic Container (butter container, yogurt container, sour cream container)
Seeds-beans, watermelon, avocado see, orange, lemons
Markers or Crayons


Earth Day Pine Cone Bird Feeder Activity

   Help feed the birds this Earth Day with a fun outdoor Earth Day activity. If we all do our part this Earth Day we can make a difference

Supplies Needed:
Pine Cone
Peanut Butter
Bird Feed
Plastic Knife
String or Ribbon
Paper Plate