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Native American Kids Vest

   Dress up for Thanksgiving in your own Native American Indian kids vest. Wear the vest as you do your Native American pow wow dance

Supplies Needed:

Large Brown Grocery Bag

Markers, Crayons or Paint



#1: Cut a hole in the bottom of the bag for your neck

#2: Cut two holes on the sides of the bag for your arms

#3: Cut down the middle of the bag

#4: Decorate your vest to look like a Native American Indian. Decorate your vest with feathers, glitter, your handprint, leaves or other fun Thanksgiving items!

*Make a Native Americian Indian Headdress to go along with your Native Ameican Indian Vest!

Handprint Turkey

   Make a cool turkey using your child's handprint. Not only does this handprint turkey make a great decoration but it is also a cherished memory you can make with your kids

Supplies Needed:

Paint-brown, red, green, orange, blue

Googly Eyes

Construction paper



#1: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic

#2: Paint the palm and thumb of your child’s hand brown. Make each finger a different color, red, orange, blue, green.

#3: Place your child’s hand on a piece of white paper. Press firmly on each finger and the palm

#4: Draw two legs for the turkey on the bottom of the palm print

#5: On the thumb portion of the turkey draw a beak and wattle

#6: Glue a googly eye on the turkey


Did you have fun getting messy with this handprint turkey craft? Leave us a comment or send us a picture of your turkey!

Kids Indian Headdress

   Creating a Native American Indian headress is a great project for kids and teaches them about the Thanksgiving tradition and orgin

Supplies Needed: 

Construction Paper

Markers or Crayons




Printable Feather Diagram: Feather.JPG (47.53 kb)


#1: Cut out a strip of brown construction paper, long ways and about 2 inches thick

#2: Place on your child’s head and adjust to the desired size and tape together

#3: Draw feathers on different color sheets of construction paper (can print out feather diagram for help)

#4: Cut out the feathers. Decorate your feathers with glitter, leaves or other fun Thanksgiving items!  

#5: Place the feathers on the back inside of the hat

#6: Decorate the band that goes around your head to reflect a Native American design


*Make an American Indian Vest to go along with your American Indian Headdress

Kids Turkey Candy Holder

   This fun Thanksgiving kids craft starts with a styrofoam ball and ends with a turkey that can be used to hold candy or just about anything

Supplies Needed:

Large Styrofoam Ball

Brow Paint



Construction Paper


Pixie Sticks (candy)


#1: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic sheet

#2: Cut the Styrofoam ball in half. Have a parent use scissors or a bread knife.

#3: Paint one half of the Styrofoam ball brown. Allow to dry

#4: Draw a turkey head (a long oval shape), eyes, wattle and beak on the construction paper

#5: Cut out and glue the turkey head to the front of the Styrofoam ball.

#6: Cut and glue the eyes, beak and wattle to the turkey head.

#7: Once the Styrofoam is dry use the pencil to place holes around the Styrofoam. Deep enough to hold the pixie sticks upright


*Out of pixie sticks? Use the turkey to hold crayons, markers, or anything you want!

Kids Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

   Personalize your Thanksgiving dinner table this year with napkin rings your family designed. They are cute and easy to make and the whole family will enjoy creating them

Supplies Needed: 

Toilet Paper Roll or Paper Towel Roll



Makers or Crayons


#1: Cut the toilet paper roll in rings about 2 inches wide

#2: Decorate each ring with Thanksgiving designs

*Cut out feathers and glue them to the inside of the ring, then decorate the outside like an Indian headdress

* Place Thanksgiving stickers on the napkin rings

*Draw a turkey, corn, leaves, family members names, write things you are thankful for

#3: Place the napkin inside the ring and you are ready to set the table!