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Christopher Columbus Kids Map Activity

   Spend some time exploring like Christopher Columbus did by using your own map. Create this fun Christopher Columbus Kids Map Activity and you are ready to explore

Supplies Needed:
Brown Grocery Bag


Columbus Day Sailing Race Game

   The Columbus Day Sailing Race Game will teach your children how Columbus sailed across the ocean for 69 days and how important wind was to making his ship sail

Supplies Needed:
2 Toy Boats
Tub of Water


Christopher Columbus Day Hat Craft

   Pretend you are Christopher Columbus with a fun kids hat craft. You will be able to pretend you are the great explorer while wearing his hat

Supplies Needed:

#1: Take a piece of newspaper and fold in the center
#2: Fold the top corner to the center line making a diagonal crease
#3: Fold the other top corner to the center line making another diagonal crease
#4: Fold the bottom edge up about 1 inch to cover the bottom of the two diagonal creases where they come together.
#5: Open your Christopher Columbus hat and place on your head in remembrance of this great man!

Christopher Columbus Countdown Calendar

   It took Christopher Columbus 69 days to sail across the Atlantic Ocean create a countdown calendar to help your children understand the length of time it took Columbus to get to the New World

Supplies Needed
Construction Paper
Markers or Crayons


Fun Fact Christopher Columbus Ship

   Create a Christopher Columbus ship while learning some fun facts about this holiday

Supplies Needed:
Printable Sail Template:Sail Template.pdf (15.40 kb)
Printable Boat Template:Printable Boat Template.pdf (13.76 kb)
Popsicle Stick
Marker or Crayons
Construction Paper
Printable Christopher Columbus Fun Facts:

Christopher Columbus Fun Facts.docx (11.97 kb)