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Kids Oven Glove Puppet

   The Kids Oven Glove Puppet is a great recycle craft for kids. Use items around your house to create this fun, free kids craft.

Supplies Needed:
Old glove style pot holder
Fabric Paint
Googly Eyes
Pom Pom
#1: Take the glove pot holder and draw an animal’s face with fabric paint
#2: Glue yarn to create the animals hair
#3: Glue Googly Eyes on the pot holder 
#4: Glue a Pom Pom on the pot holder for the nose

Summer Grasshopper Kids Craft

   Summer Grasshopper Kids Craft is a great way to use recycled items from around your house. Create this cute little grasshopper with your child.

Supplies Needed:
Pipe Cleaners- 6 total
Googly Eyes
Green Paint
Paint Brush
Egg Carton (cleaned)
Markers or Crayons

#1: Take a egg carton and cut three egg holders in a row out.  These will be the body of your grasshopper
#2: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic
#3: Paint your egg carton green using a paint brush.
#4: Set aside and allow to dry.
#5: Turn the egg carton over so the egg holder part is face down.
#6: Glue your googly eyes on the front of the egg carton
#7: Draw a mouth and nose for your grasshopper under your eyes
#8: Bend a pipe cleaner in half
#9: Place the center of the bent pipe cleaner into the egg carton above the googly eyes. These will be the grasshoppers antennas
#10: Take 2 pipe cleaners and bend and twist them to make two loops. These will be the grasshoppers wings
#11: Insert the wings into the egg carton in the 2nd egg holder. These will be the grasshoppers wings
#12: Take 2 pipe cleaners and place them into the egg carton on either side. These will be the grasshoppers feet.

Summer Butterfly Kids Craft

   The Summer Butterfly Kids Craft uses recycled items from around your house. This is a great summer activity for any child.

Supplies Needed:
Toilet Paper Roll
Pipe Cleaners
Construction Paper
Printable Butterfly Wing Template:

Wing Template.jpg (14.28 kb)

Googly Eyes
Crayons or Markers

#1: Print the Printable Butterfly Wing Template
#2: Cut out the printable butterfly wing template
#3: Trace the wing template on a piece of construction paper
#4: Cut out the wings you just traced on the construction paper
#5: Decorate your butterfly wings with markers or crayons
#6: Glue your butterfly wings to the toilet paper roll
#7: Bend the pipe cleaner in half
#8: Glue the pipe cleaner to the top of the toilet paper roll. These will be your butterfly antennas
#9: Glue Googly Eyes to your butterfly
#10: Draw a mouth and nose for your butterfly

Kids Paper Towel Alien Craft

   Your children will have a blast creating an alien out of a paper towel roll. This is a great recycle craft for kids as well as a space craft for kids.

Supplies Needed:

Paper towel roll
Goggly eyes
Pipe Cleaners

#1: Create your own paper towel alien by glueing items to the paper towel roll.
#2: Glue the yarn on the inside of the roll for alien hair
#3: Glue on the googly eyes for your aliens eyes
#4: You can poke holes in the paper towel roll and insert pipe cleaners for alien arms.
#5: Get creative!

Make a Sword

   Don't throw away those paper towel rolls turn them into a fun, creative kids sword!

Supplies Needed:
2 Paper Towel Rolls
1 Toilet Paper Roll
Markers, Crayons  or Paint

#1: Take the 2 Paper Towel Rolls and interlock them by placing one roll inside the other. Then tape them.
#2: Cut the toilet paper roll in half
#3: Tape a half of the toilet paper roll on either side of the long paper towel rolls
#4: Decorate your sword using paint or markers