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Labor Day Wreath

   Labor Day is recognized as a celebration of the working class. So show your appreciation with a fun and easy to make Labor Day Wreath

Supplies Needed:
Labor Day Images:


Labor Day Ribbon

   Labor Day is a national holiday where we celebrate the working class Americans. Let someone know you appreciate what they do by giving them a Labor Day Ribbon.

Supplies Needed:
Printable Ribbon:Labor Day Ribbon.pdf (39.55 kb)

Hole Punch
Yarn or String
Construction Paper or Thick Paper


Labor Day Cards

   Labor Day is about celebrating the working class of America so show someone you appreciate all they do with an easy to make Labor Day Card. Nothing says thank you more than a homemade card does

Supplies Needed:
Construction Paper
Printable Labor Day Images:

chef.pdf (40.12 kb)


Labor Day Coloring Pages

   Discover dozens of free Labor Day coloring pages at Kids Craft Zone. The hardest part of our free Labor Day coloring pages is figuring out which one to color

Supplies Needed:

Marker or Crayons

Printable Labor Coloring Pages 

#1: Print out your favorite free Labor Day Coloring Page

Teacher.pdf (69.50 kb)

chef.pdf (40.12 kb)

Firefighter.pdf (74.34 kb)

Mailman.pdf (43.61 kb)

police.pdf (63.38 kb)

Sweeper.pdf (33.88 kb)

#2: Color your Labor Day Coloring Page