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Presidents Day Clay Pot

   This Presidents Day turn an ordinary clay pot into a work of art! This craft is exciting, creative and easy to do

Supplies Needed:
Small Clay Pot
Paint (red, blue and white)
Paint Brush

#1: Prepare your work environment by laying out newspaper or plastic to help protect from the paint
#2: Place your clay pot and paint on the newspaper
#3: Get creative and decorate your clay pot for Presidents Day. 

 Decorating ideas:
  Paint each section of the pot a different color
   (saucer white, rim of pot red, middle of pot blue)
  Paint the pot blue with red and white stars
  Paint the pot with red and white stripes.
  Paint the pot to look like an American flag
  Write the names of the Presidents on your pot

Hope you had fun making your Patriotic Presidents Day Pot. Send us a picture or a comment and we will post it on Kids Craft Zone!

Presidents Day Torch

   Show your spirit this Presidents day with a fun homemade Presidents day torch. It’s easy and fun to make all you need is a few items from around your house and some creativity

Supplies Needed:
Empty Paper Towel Roll
Ribbon (string or yarn)
Markers, Crayons or Paint
Hole Punch

#1: Take an empty paper towel roll and use the hole punch to create holes along the top rim of your paper towel roll
#2: Cut your ribbon about seven inches long.
#3: Thread your ribbon through the holes you made on the top rim of the paper towel roll and knot the ribbon
#4: Decorate the paper towel roll. You can draw stars. Paint it to look like an American flag or any creative design you can come up with.

Did you enjoy making your Presidents Day Torch? If so send us an email or a picture of you torch and we will post it on Kids Craft Zone for everyone to see!

Craft Sticks US Flag Activity

   Teach your children about Presidents Day with a fun US flag activity. Not only will they have fun making this craft but it will also teach them about the US flag

Supplies Needed:
28 Craft Sticks or Popsicle Sticks
Paint or Markers

#1: Take 3 craft sticks and place them on the table side by side varying in height next to each other. This will be how the flag is held together.
#2: Lay all 26 craft sticks on top of the 3 craft sticks. Make sure all 26 craft sticks are touching one of the 3 back craft sticks. You may need to use more craft sticks on the back of the flag to hold it together.
#3: Once all 26 sticks are in place glue them to the back 3 craft sticks.
#4: Allow glue to dry
#5: Use a pencil to draw a small box in the top left hand corner of the craft sticks. This will be where the stars of the US flag will go.
#6: Paint the bottom stick red and then alternate between red and white until you reach the top. Be careful not to paint inside the box you drew for the stars.
#7: Allow paint to dry
#8: Paint the part of the craft sticks that you made a box blue.
#9: Allow to dry
#10: Draw stars on top of the blue paint.

Additional Flag Information:
*The fifty stars on the flag represent the fifty U.S. states and the thirteen stripes represent the original thirteen colonies that rebelled against the British Crown and became the first states in the Union
*Nicknames for the flag include the Stars and Stripes, Old Glory, and The Star-Spangled Banner.
*The flag has been changed 26 times since the new, 13-state union adopted it.

Send us a picture or a comment on how your US flag turned out. We will post it on Kids Craft Zone for you!

United States Constitution Cryptogram

   Use the Cryptogram to find the answers to the US Constitution handout

Supplies Needed: 

Pencil or Pen

United States Constitution Cryptogram Handout: United States Constitution Cryptogram.pdf (57.28 kb)


#1: Print out the United States Constitution Cryptogram.

#2: At the top of the handout is the key that list the letter A-Z with numbers in the box below. Each of the letters corresponds with a number. The bottom part contains secret phrases. Each of the blanks has a number underneath it. Fill in the letter that corresponds to the numbers to solve the phrase.

Presidents of the United States

   Test your knowledge by placing the US Presidents in order. Can you do it

Supplies Needed:

3X5 Index Cards



President Handout: Presidents of the United States.pdf (35.85 kb)


#1: Print out the President Handout

#2: Cut out each Presidents Name

#3: Glue each Presidents Name to the index card

#4: Mix up the President cards and see if you can put them back in order. Starting with the first president.